The ensembles - active right now:  

Two women, two bands



- A duo with the singer-songwriter Ilona Korhonen 1999-


- rune-singing and kantele improvisation

- a performance at the EBU-festival Euroradio Folk, Rättvik, Sweden in June 2014. 

Listen: An improvised performance at Rautamuurahainen-concert 23.8.2009 (live)


Laima Jansone&Pauliina Syrjälä

Finnish-Latvian kanteleimprovisation since 2010, inspiration for the duos music comes from the combination of the two instruments: latvian kuokle and finnish Jooseppi Pohjola's kantele. 

This was "musical love" at the first sight!

Laima Jansone's homepage:

Maija Kauhanen&Pauliina Syrjälä 

- A duo consisting of two Jooseppi Pohjola's kanteles


Sytyke is a "stick-kantele-orchestra" - it means that kanteles are mainly plucked with a stick.  

The band was founded in the spring 2005, for the kantele band competititon in Jyväskylä. The orchestra, taking its first steps, was shining and ended up as a winner in its series. 

Sytyke members are active composers, so the repertoire includes a lot of original compositions, mixed with folk music. The musical feelings vary from the traditional finnish kantele tunes to bulgarian rhythms. Singing, by all the members, give even more color to fulfilling and shimmering sound of six kanteles. The band really takes everything out of their kanteles, so be prepared! 

Sytyke's album "Tulipunapalsami" was published 2009 by Kanteleen ääniä.